Sunday, November 14, 2010

His name might as well be trouble...

He was carrying around this Otter that's as big as he is...he's quite ambitious

"oh hai, were you yelling at me?!"

...Little Ball of Furrrrr...

We have a Kitteh House!

Trebble needed a house to play in and scratch on. So, I got some scrap carpet out of a truck at work and I had a big spool for wire laying around that I was going to turn into a table. Now we have a cat house. There is a hole in the top and a hold in the side so he can play in side. He also has a hanging string toy that he already likes. All it lacks now is the finishing touches!

Half way done, and not in the mood to pose for pictures.

Yay! We have a Kitteh House!

Still loves playing with my shoes, my feet must smell like roses. :D

We get tired from playing all day...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Trebble's Weekend

We had our first Vet visit on Saturday the 6th. Trebble is a boy! He turned 10 weeks old on Nov. 6. The vet put down that he's 13 weeks old, so I'm not too sure about that. The lady I got him from said 10 weeks, so I trust her since she was there for his birth. I know I'm a bit crazy for obsessing about this cat, but I'm so happy have a kitten at home! He had to get blood drawn to run some tests. It took three people to hold this little guy down to get blood drawn. Then he had three shots.

After our vet visit to PetSmart, we went to my Mom's house so that Trebble could meet some of my nephews and my niece. The kids were really good with him. He didn't feel too good, but I told the kids that and they didn't pick him up. I think they were just happy to see a little kitten. Nathan loved to "explore" with Trebble. Hehe. They were too cute!

After we got home, Trebble was very tired and slept from 2:30 in the afternoon until around 5am Sunday morning. Trebble thinks 5am is the perfect time to get up and play.

He loves to play and hide around the little pink stool my Papaw made me.

So stinkin' cute!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Meet Trebble!

This blog will be full of Trebble pictures, videos, and stories. In order to share with people who actually want to see, and to avoid annoying people who really don't care, this blog as been created! Enjoy!

And yes,Trebble is spelled with two b's because it's cuter. And one day in the future,Trebble will have a friend named Bass. :D
On our way home!

Trebble loves her hedgehog catnip toy!
Curious about the MacBook...watching me and could pounce any moment as I type this...
Loves playing in the empty Halloween candy bowl
tired baby
Such a cute little face!
Our three favorite toys at the moment. An empty bowl, a rope with several knots at one end, and our hedgehog catnip toy.
Curious about what's outside...
A favorite place to nap and play with my hair...